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Owners of four Wisconsin malls say they will reopen their properties in Wisconsin once state regulations begin to ease in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Simon Malls, owner and operator of Madison Mall in Madison, the Milwaukee Mall and two other shopping malls in Milwaukee County, said they plan to reopen by May 27.

Buyers are encouraged to check their temperature before visiting the property and to do a health check and refrain from visiting the property if they have flu-like symptoms. Shopping center employees will limit the number of people in stores and provide CDC - approved masks and disinfectant wipes - to all shoppers who request them for free, providing packages to those who request them. Staff and security officers were instructed to remind and encourage shoppers to maintain a reasonable distance between fellow shoppers and workers and to refrain from group purchases, the mall's website says.

Business hours will be limited to 7 p.m. to allow for improved disinfection and disinfection, according to the shopping center's website.

Signs and floor stickers are used to promote better traffic flow, including at entrances and public areas. The number of open entrances to the property has been limited to meet the requirements of local fire regulations. All other sinks and pee-soirs were taped off, which leads to a reasonable distance between the people.

All public areas of the property have been disinfected with products that meet or exceed CDC guidelines. All those exposed to COVID-19 are expected to remain in quarantine until they are symptom-free - at least 72 hours and meet all other CDC requirements.

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