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MILWAUKEE - Chicago has added Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska and North Dakota to the list of states where people traveling to and from the city must be quarantined for two weeks after learning of the ban on home-made products in Illinois - on July 21, 2015. The graphic below shows the stops and games the Packers and Bears will cross the border as the Illinois Legislature considers a new law that would allow daylight saving time, think twice. MILWAUKEE -- Chicago adds Missouri (Wisconsin), Nebraska (Nebraska) and South Dakota (North Fargo) to a list that requires citizens entering and leaving the city to leave their papers up to two weeks after they graduate Illinois has learned the lessons of the bans - in Illinois, it's not.

Getting from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells is inexpensive - friendly, with train tickets starting at $30 and bus tickets starting at $19. Wisconsin offers a variety of travel options between the two cities, from the Milwaukee-Milwaukee Expressway to buses and trains operated by the Milwaukee County Transit Authority. Travel the length of Chicago - to - Wisconsin - Dell takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes by bus, not counting the 2.5 hour bus ride from Milwaukee to Madison, which is 19% cheaper.

There are several cool things to do in Wisconsin, including a visit to various museums. The Kenosha Public Museum is a great place to go as a child, with a variety of interactive exhibits and interactive activities for children and adults. This fine arts and natural history museum, which shows the cultural and geological changes of Wisconsin, is affiliated with the Smithsonian Museum. There is even a Civil War museum, which is one of only three venues in the US offering a 360 degree film experience.

The Pleasant Prairie History Museum plans to open its doors to limited visitors from August 26 so the association can hold the opening ceremony. The museum will offer a collection of artefacts from the history of the city, as well as a variety of interactive exhibits and activities for children and adults. The Pleasant Prairie Historical Association is also planning a ribbon cutting to mark the opening of the Historical Museum.

When visiting the Kenosha Public Museum, take time to explore the history and culture of Pleasant Prairie. If you visit the Kenoshalers Public Museum, visit on August 26 for a special opening ceremony and leave plenty of time in the afternoon to explore the walks - thrus.

To get a map and directions from Kohler to Chicago, you must reverse the directions and calculate the distance to the Pleasant Prairie Public Museum and Kenosha Public Library.

Use the route planner to find the best route to use, to find places to stop and to find out which car you want to travel with - a journey. Calculate the distance from the Pleasant Prairie Public Museum and Kenosha Public Library to Kohler and calculate it for your car when planning a road trip. Calculate the distances from the Pleasant Prairie Public Museum and Kenosheesha Public Library to Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, for the car you planned for your # road trip.

The next stop is the state's largest automobile museum, which displays vintage cars and classic cars, as well as a collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and other classic cars.

This impressive complex is located in the town of Pleasant Prairie, a short drive from the city of Kenosha, the capital of Wisconsin. This museum is a great idea if you want to take a day trip to Milwaukee, as it is only 45 minutes drive from Milwaukee. Highway 94 The highway connects Chicago and Milwaukee and leads to the Wisconsin State Museum of Automotive History and Museum, the state's largest automobile museum. KenOSha is the second largest city in Wisconsin with a population of about 1.5 million people and is therefore a very popular tourist destination for visitors.

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Crowds are small, but you'll discover other Civil War museums from around the country that behave differently from the museum country. You can admire mammoth bones in the public museum, ice skate in winter or have a laugh in the Kenosha Comedy Club. Harbor Park also includes the largest ice rink in Wisconsin and one of the best ice rinks in Wisconsin.

Map showing the route of the US border from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Chicago, Illinois, starts at the Wisconsin-Illinois border. The total distance between Chicago and Chicago (the largest city in the United States) is 398 km.

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