Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin Attractions

The Green Bay Packers are known around the world, and Lambeau Field is sacred ground for most sports fans, but the Pleasant Prairie Area has its own version of the NFL's most famous stadium. The petting zoo, ponies and camel rides are all found in the area, making this place ideal for a lot of family fun.

If you're traveling between Milwaukee and Green Bay, you can plan a few hours of detour, but Brookfield residents can also enjoy the fun. Go from Milwaukee, Milwaukee County or Milwaukee to Pleasant Prairie and find out what else is worth visiting by browsing our list of the top 10 travel destinations in the state of Wisconsin.

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The Sturtevant Trail of Racine runs 3.5 km west of Racine from the eastern edge of the village of Sturtevant to the crystal lake. The western section runs from McHenry County College (US 14) to Crystal Lake, west of N. Oak Street. Racine's southeastern neighborhood is home to the North Shore Channel Trail, which stretches south from Lake Shore Drive in the southern end of the city to Lake Superior Drive and Lake Michigan Drive. On the west side, on the northeast corner of Milwaukee County, north of Lake Street and south of Wisconsin Avenue, the South Shore Trail stretches south into the Racings-Kenosha county line.

Kenosha has a number of wonderful activities for tourists of all ages: admiring mammoth bones in the public museum, ice skating in winter, having an evening of laughter at the Kenoshha Comedy Club and much more. Local attractions include the Germantown Historical Society, which maintains a collection of historic buildings from the early 19th century to the present day, and a museum of local history and city history.

Visiting the Jelly Belly Center is one of the funniest activities in Kenosha, WI, and visiting the center is a great place to go with the kids. With a variety of exhibits for children and a museum for adults, the KenOSha Public Museum is another great thing for children and adults. The museum is also a good idea if you want to take a day trip from Milwaukee, as it is only a 45 minute drive to Milwaukee. When you visit it, take your time to explore the museum's exhibits, such as the giant mammoth bones and a walk through the city's historic buildings.

If you feel like shopping, head to one of the many grocery stores in Kenosha, such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Target. These are great stores where you can find top shelf brands at great prices, as well as great deals on everything from groceries to clothing and accessories.

Make mowing more enjoyable by purchasing MTD mowers and tractors, including the Bilt lawnmower, Bilted tractor, and T-Mobile lawnmower. Shop at the many Kenosha grocery stores, including Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Target, where you'll find great deals on everything from groceries to clothing to accessories, as well as great prices on clothing and accessories.

The Jelly Belly Visitor Center is located on the Kenosha County Fairgrounds, just south of the Wisconsin State Fair, and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. During a visit, you should take a look at the warehouse tour to see all the products for sale in the store, as well as a factory tour.

If you're in the city on a Saturday, be sure to visit Harbor Market, breweries and nightlife. Located on the Shoppes of Prairie Ridge, it also features Bentley's Pet Stuff, which offers all - natural pet food products.

If you're planning a vacation with your loved ones, try the best romantic cottages in Wisconsin in Kenosha because they will make your trip unforgettable. If you prefer to stay in a cool cabin in Kenosahas, you should rent it on VRBO or Airbnb if you want to get to know them as a local.

More About Pleasant Prairie

More About Pleasant Prairie